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Karin Zeitvogel
Leo’s story

It’s the 70th anniversary year of the start of deportations from Drancy, a drab suburb of Paris. Copy and paste this link — http://db.tt/BFzyzK5l — into your browser bar to hear the story of Leo Bretholz, a Holocaust survivor who is still fighting for justice, 70 years later.

Portrait photography

A slideshow of portraits by my friend, Jean-Luc Petit. I’m using these, with his permission, in the multimedia skills class I’m teaching at the University of Maryland.

Great quote from NPR

“We learn more from those parts of our history where we stumbled as a democracy than from the glorious chapters.” George Takei in an interview about Allegiance

Whale watching, August 2012
Whale watching, August 2012

A new kind of resume: the infographic CV

So, I found a new way (to me, it’s new) to make a CV.

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